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Digital Healthcare Innovation Cocktail and Networking Reception

An opportunity for global innovators to participate, network, and learn.
Lavigny, Switzerland


Cocktail and Networking reception in the context of Digital Healthcare Innovation. We will discuss different collaboration opportunities across the Swiss Ecosystem and our communities. We will do a visual presentation of several examples including:

  • Preventive: use of fasting and other nutrition protocols to reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease

  • Curative/treatment: Coordination of care in oncology -> optimizing patient experience and outcomes

  • Community: As a patient, individual and community member why not enable others to live life to the fullest. Through informed consent allow anonymized data sharing to support research and stay engaged in innovation efforts

Who should attend?

Anyone passionate about health, data, privacy and the creation of common good data assets to better discover, understand and scale approaches that keep our communities healthy and strong.

Sample attendees

Entrepreneurs, patient advocacy groups, physicians, hospitals, government officials, health insurers, Intermedicine practictioners including professionals in the areas of naturopathy and acupunture, fitness trainers and coaches, Elder Care Centers or "EMS" professionals, nutrionists, companies in the food and preventive care space.



Forum de La Passerelle
Centre de Synergies Créatives

Route du vignoble 60

1175 Lavigny, Switzerland